Free trip to Europe in 2015, a $15,000 luxury value trip for two with cash and lux

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All the travel and luxury, for only referring 9 high net income clients to Connie and they will be guided to save at least $900 per month towards a lifetime tax-free retirement income with no market risks for them and their families. And most of all, access to funds up to $1.5M when cancer, stroke or disability occurs. Just believe and be out of your comfort zone.

The Paradigm Shift is a way to remind us to go to that magic zone away from our comfort zone to find the financial fulfillment we have been searching for.

The Pike Syndrome teaches us not to give up our dreams (Do you not stop dreaming until the end to reach your goal). It tells us this lesson:  An aggressive fish who stopped reaching their goals or dreams because they think it is not reachable. When brought inside a place where the food is…

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For the 80 million Americans, social security is their only retirement income

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There is a shortfall between what people have saved and what they’ll need to maintain their standard of living in retirement.

And, certainly, what Americans have put away for retirement is paltry. Unless we all start saving like crazy, the pundits say, we’ll have nothing to live on during our so-called golden years. Or we’ll all have to work into our eighties — if they let us.

But maybe we should look at it another way. For most Americans, Social Security will be their primary source of retirement income. Everything else — IRAs, 401k’s, even some old-fashioned defined-benefit pension plans — will be icing on a not-very-rich cake.

The reasons are clear. Tens of millions of Americans don’t have access to 401k’s or other retirement plans at work. And millions of families are barely earning enough to cover their current needs, let alone save for retirement.

Suggesting that Social Security…

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Financial Calculators, commuting by plane to bayarea

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comparison tax tas deferred tax free savings
Tax Deffered versus Tax-free (tax free wins by over $300k)

With the availability of information in the internet, it has become our library and calculator for all kinds of financial planning that will help us make better financial decisions. I paid 15% in taxes when I saved all my savings in an IRA thru a bank many years ago.

Diversify and diversify should be our slogan. An engineer has to research for a year on how to best afford to buy a house in Silicon Valley where he works. He decided after many calculations to buy a house in N Arizona and settle there with his 2 young children and stay at home wife. He now commutes by plane once a week to the bay area and sleeps 3 nights in the bay area to work in Redwood City because he now owns a house…

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Physicians per 1000 people in the world, more pain med prescriptions after OBAMACARE

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Finland, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland have 3-4 doctors for every 1000 people while Philippines, Hongkong and other countries have 0.

This means that medical care is not present to some citizens of the world.  I can speak for countries such as USA, Australia, Philippines and Taiwan since I have lived in these countries in the past and still have families. In Taiwan, there is no waiting line to be seen by an emergency medical doctor. In the Philippines, it takes a day of waiting in the emergency hospital before a doctor can attend to you.

Like Cuba, in the Philippines the public hospitals are free but at times you have to pay for your own blood, medicines and other care not present in the free hospital. So in countries like these two, we only see the doctor during emergencies. There is also the absence or limited number of clinics with free condoms…

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Herbs, supplements, lifestyle, nutrition and other healing ways for various conditions

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(FROM Dr. Jensen’s, Dr. Heinerman & Dr. Jim Jenks’ books, Gary Null) and things I found on my own, Anita Sands astrology at NOTE: (If capsules are used, take with mug of hot herb tea) but it’s better to brew the herb (bring to boil, turn off, throw in herbs, put on the pan’s lid and let steep) or by dropping in 155 degree spring water, never in boiling water, between a bath and a boil, but then you turn off fire, let steep covered 15 min.) Bark must be simmered 15 min. Not herbs, leaves.
Compiled by Anita Sands
ANTI-BIOTICS-Cleavers, echinaecea, golden seal, gentian, nettles, oats, wormwood. Myrrh.
ALLERGIES – Super enzymes by Twin labs (bromalain is key there). But a non herbal cure is more efficient. Stop eating all gluten containing grains, wheat, rice, stop all dairy foods but a little genuine yogurt occasionally is alright…

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Anti-aging steroids, pregnenolone, progesterone and DHEA

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Mother of Progesterone & D.H.E.A.

The following information comes from Dr. Ray Peat, who has done pioneering research on the anti-aging steroids, pregnenolone, progesterone and DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). I have included excerpts from his writings plus the results of interviews. Research references are provided when available, but in many cases, I could only describe the group of researchers who did the experiment. My purpose for this article is not to start a riot but to illustrate why I think it’s dangerous to artificially inhibit cholesterol formation in your body with drugs and synthetic foods.

Dr. Peat accidentally discovered the effects of pregnenolone when he took some vitamin E containing a residue of pregnenolone that was left over from an experiment in solubility. Peat had been suffering from a variety of complaints, including “inflammation of the arteries, dental abscesses, asthma, migraines, and colitis.” When he took the…

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