Energy drink vs Sports drink by Dr Demorest

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As a member of the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee for the California Interscholastic Federation on High School Sports, we had our semi-annual meeting in Los Angeles this week.

One active discussion topic was energy drink use in athletes. What an energy drink is and how we define it was a surprisingly challenging topic for the group. With all the marketing strategies manufacturers use today, it may be easier to define what is not an energy drink. We know anecdotally that excessive energy drink use may be related to heart problems and even sudden cardiac death. Overuse of these products is a (relatively) easy problem to prevent in my mind and simple education should do the trick.

What is an energy drink?

Energy Drinks are beverages that contain varying amounts of caffeine, guarana, taurine, vitamins, carbohydrates (sugar) and other supplements. Marketed to improve energy, concentration, stamina, athletic performance, and weight loss…

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Business ownership, real estate and paper assets are your path to wealth building

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Business ownership and real estate are the two wealth building asset
classes financial advisers typically don’t talk about (because they
can’t sell them) even though they are essential components to many
wealth plans.

Just to be fair, however, business ownership and real estate aren’t
for everyone either. These two asset classes have their own set of
issues (there is no perfect solution) and require far more active
involvement to create excess returns.

You must have entrepreneurial skills and a deep commitment to your
vision to compete. Additionally, the risks are much higher and the
outcome is less certain. Finally, both of these asset classes
require a higher dedication of your scarcest resource – time.

With that said, if you have what it takes you can gain huge
leverage and tax advantages. There is literally no practical limit
to the mathematical return you can make on investment.

Some entrepreneurs and innovative…

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Financial structure and strategy for doctors and business owners only

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for doctors only

Sec 79

only c corp

medical practice c corp

multiple entities

real estate and your practice

RE and LLC

LLC lease back

Contact Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883 if you are a doctor or business owner and wanted to save at least 20% in income taxes, protect your assets and cash flow and ensure your lifetime retirement savings are earning with guaranteed return, tax advantages and less risks. We work with your CPA, real estate advisors and other advisors to form a team to support for financial goals short term and long term needs.

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Protect your cash accumulation from unnecessary taxes, market risks and inefficient financial products

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critical capital mass

Now that you are in critical capital mass and earning more than you are spending, your goals are to protect your cash accumulation from unnecessary taxes, market risks and inefficient financial products.

Contact Connie Dello Buono, financial planner for doctors and business owners working with CPA and financial advisors in ensuring that your cash accumulation is protected from unnecessary income taxes using a business structure and financial plan with proper protection, less market risks and earnings for lifetime retirement income. 408-854-1883 CA Life Lic 0G60621 

1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124

Free webinar for doctors and business owners every Friday at 1pm for 1hr on protecting your cash flow with C corp, CPA and financial planners/advisors and your financial goals. Email Connie at if you are a business owners, CPA or doctor and wanted to protect your cash flow from taxes and market risks.

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